The most precious thing you’ll leave our store with is not the jewellery.

What do you see? A sparkling jewel or a thing of great value?

We see a story... A story 10 million years old and a story yet to be told.

When you look past the shimmer and glitter of the a jewel you will see a story shining its way through.

The story of a gem that has spent aeons in the belly of the earth to become this sparking piece of light.

The story of an artisan, pouring out his craft, Ingenuity and wisdom.

The story of an artisan, pouring out his craft, Ingenuity and wisdom.

These jewels are stories, poems, chants, teachings, ceremonies, memories, Heritage & so much more.

We’re here to tell these stories. To pass on our knowledge.

Every piece of jewel you pick here is richer than the label stuck to it.

It’s twitching sparkles wants to tell you it’s true worth,

It wants to tell you it’s story.

And we’re here to keep these precious stories alive.


Our Story

Our story began over two decades ago.

A woman interested in the world of fine arts, was settling into a new neighbourhood. A kind neighbour saw her talent and entrusted her with a project - to design and make a customised gold armlet from a gold coin she had invested in for her daughter’s first birthday. The handing over of that coin marked many beginnings, it was a symbol of trust, a symbol of commitment, a symbol of confidence.

It was the birth of Vasundhara.

With no formal design studio at her disposal, no knowledge of suppliers or even the normal ways of working of the jewellery industry; Vasundhara wondered if she could do it. Processing gold into a custom design was a way more risky proposition. The chances of loss were higher. But Vasundhara knew that losing hope was the biggest loss of all.

She met her goal. The result was just as she envisioned. The joy on the neighbour’s face was priceless.

This lit a fire in Vasundhara, and she took up a career in Gems and Jewellery. The joy and satisfaction of designing and seeing her creations come alive gave her life direction. Over the years her thirst for knowledge led her to many academic achievements in the field of gemology, which helped here make a space for herself both in Hyderabad and the USA.

With her sister Neha joining the design team in 2001 Vasundhara expanded its design capabilities and became famous for having the most unique, hi-end designs, combined with high quality workmanship and a boutique retail experience unlike any other. But what kept the customers coming back is not the jewellery, it's the story behind it. It’s Vasundhara’s penchant for identifying the best gems for her customers, gems that have a story as rich as its heritage, set in designs that are a saga of a time.

This is the story of Vasundhara so far, the story that now turns a new page.